Supreme Petrochem Commissions Swing Production Line at Nagothane Plant
Mumbai, India: Supreme Petrochem Ltd has announced that it has commissioned a swing production line at its Wangani (Nagothane, Maharashtra) plant that is adept to manufacture styrene methyl methacrylate (SMMA) or polystyrene (PS). As result of this alteration, which was carried out in one of the three PS lines at the Wangani plant, the company will be able to produce 42,500 tonnes per annum of SMMA.

"The test runs for producing styrene methyl methacrylate by altering one of the polystyrene lines at the plant in Maharashtra into a swing line capable of producing either PS or SMMA have been concluded. This modified line with a SMMA capacity of 42500 TPA is now equipped for commercial production,"said Supreme Petrochem..

Polysty Inc, USA, provided the technology for the modification, which involved investment of about 6 crore, of the PS line and production of SMMA .

Styrene methyl methacrylate is commonly used for optical sheets and other applications such as homeware, office accessories, toys and medical devices