Graphite India: Scaling Up New Heights
Sunil Kshatriya,VP - IGE Division, Graphite India Limited (GIL)

Graphite India Ltd is pioneer in India in manufacture of Graphite equipment. In an interview with CEW, Sunil Kshatriya, VP - IGE Division, Graphite India Limited (GIL), talks about the company, its manufacturing capabilities and more.

Graphite India Limited (GIL) is multi-location and multiproduct manufacturing Co in India. It has its facility in Nuremberg, Germany as well for manufacturing Graphite Electrodes and Specialty Graphite Products. The broad product range includes Graphite Electrodes for Electric Arc Furnaces in Steel Plants and various Specialty Graphite Products; Glass Reinforced Plastic Piping and vessels in large diameters for underground petroleum tanks, sewage piping etc; and Impervious Graphite Equipments (IGE) for handling of corrosive fluids for heat and mass transfer applications in Chemical Process Industries.

IGE Division is located in Nashik (Maharashtra) is catering to the need of Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, APIs, Agrochemical, Phosphatic Fertilisers, Caustic Chloro, Paper and Pulp Industries for process equipments in Impervious Graphite like heat exchangers, Condensers, Heaters, Coolers, Evaporators, HCl Absorbers, Scrubbers, HCl Synthesis Unit, Dry HCl Gas Generators with project accessories like piping, instrumentation, skid structure etc. on turnkey basis. Since its inception in 1983, GILĘs IGE division is regarded as Global leader in Heat and Mass Transfer equipments in Impervious Graphite Material.

Excerpts from the interview:

Please provide some insight into Graphite market and demand in India ?

As we see the growth in Chemical Business in India since Gujarat is growing briskly as a chemical hub. This growth in Gujarat is driving the business for process equipment manufacturers like us in Graphite material with most of new projects in Chemical, Pharma and Bulk drugs, Agro chemical, Fertiliser industries coming up from Gujarat as well as from various parts of India. This is evident through consistent growth year on year for us in Indian market. We are also able to make our visible foot-prints in international market by increasing our market share through our restless efforts. Thanks to all our committed work force supporting us to achieve all this.

Please apprise us of company's plants in India and abroad.
For our business of Graphite Equipment, we have an integrated plant at Nashik and all activities like Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Sales and after sales are looked after from the single location. For our other business, there are three plants for manufacturing Graphite Electrodes located at Durgapur (WB), Bengaluru and Nashik and for manufacturing GRP Pipes on the way to Mumbai in Gonde village. We have also acquired Graphite manufacturing plant in Germany in 2004 which is in operation since then for catering the need of Graphite Electrodes and Specialty Graphite products in European market.

Do you see any change in pattern of demand by the customers? Please elaborate.
Due to awareness and access to information in the e-world, customers have become more knowledgeable and demanding. They demand equipment as per International Quality Standards, at very competitive prices and that too within shortest possible time. Due to this, we can find healthy competition helping us for our product quality and service improvement and we become ready for accepting international challenges through such minor continual improvement and developments.

What are the USP of the products?
Graphite India Ltd is pioneer in India in manufacture of Graphite equipment. We are an ISO 9000 accredited organisation. We are able to provide all services to customers promptly as have all the important functions like design, marketing, manufacture, supply and after sales services located at one location. We have better control over quality and delivery of equipment, as we use special Graphite raw material required for equipment, manufactured by our own group company. In addition, we have proven references for various applications in different process industries. For handling various international quality requirement, we design and manufacture equipment as per international standards like CE marking, U stamp, KOSHA, JIS, SELO etc .

What is the current market share of the organisation - In India and other countries?
In domestic market Graphite India has majority share and worldwide approximately 10-15 percent share.