SUEZ, CNPC Collaborate for Wastewater Solutions
Paris, France: The oil and gas industry has been under financial pressure due to low and variable crude oil prices. In the downstream market, this has been par ticularly acute with plant closures, and limitations in capital investment, challenging sustainability of assets and operations. Concurrently, many customers have faced limited water resources, increased discharge standards, and operating environmental constr aints.

To address these challenges, CNPC and SUEZ have worked together to develop solutions that meet the requirement for a high wastewater reuse ratio, together with a very stringent discharge standard for reverse osmosis brines . And that are also reliable, safe, robust, and operable, while addressing capital constraints.

This challenge has been achieved at Chengdu Petro through the implementation of a SUEZ standardised solution and offsite construction of the Chengdu Petro water treatment plant, in the vicinity of the refinery and petrochemical complex. Including a safe design and operation, but also focusing on a practical, cost-effective solution.