Heidelberg ProMinent: Developing Products for Indian Market
P Prasanna Kumar Rao,Managing Director, Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid Controls India Pvt Ltd

In a brief interview with CEW, P Prasanna Kumar Rao, Managing Director, Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid Controls India Pvt Ltd, informs that the company plan to develop a new range of pumps for oil and gas industry.

Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid controls India Pvt Ltd, is a fully owned subsidiary of ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH, Germany who are the world leaders in the fields of Dosing pumps, Controllers, Ozone Generators and Allied Equipments.
ProMinent has been in India from 1986 in the form of a Joint Venture Company. In the year 1997 ProMinent started its own subsidiary in an effort to be able to transfer the latest technology to the Indian market and to be able to invest more in the Indian operations. Heidelberg ProMinent is now the leader in its field in India with exports to many countries.

A brief interview with P Prasanna Kumar Rao, Managing Director, Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid Controls India Pvt Ltd.

Please apprise us of company's performance over the recent few years.
We have performed well over the last decade and our average increase in turnover has been above 20 per cent.

Please brief us about your manufacturing facilities and research and development units.
Our manufacturing facility is based at Bengaluru. We have R&D facilities in India and we have developed our own range of products which are now exported to different parts of the world.

Your organisation serves a number of industries including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, etc. How do you evolve the R&D process to meet varied requirement of different industries?
We are the pioneers in the usage of Chlorine di oxide in water treatment in India and our R&D efforts are focused on developing products suited to the India market.

How do you cater to export demands? Please specify the areas; your esteemed organisation specialises in?
We export our products to more than 20 countries including Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA etc. We specialise in metering pumps.

Do you see any change in pattern of demand by the customers? Please elaborate.
The pattern depends on the economic situation which has been not positive this year. We hope that it will improve next year.

What is the current market share of the organisation ?? In India and other countries?
We have a market share of around 30-35 per cent in India as well as globally for the Prominent Group.

What are your overall plans for future?
We hope to develop a new range of pumps especially for application with Oil and Gas Industry.