Load Sensing by Light: SKF at the Hannover Messe
Gothenburg, Sweden: SKF's new sensing technology takes monitoring to the next level, thereby equipping engineers with new insights on machine performance. SKF's this break-through technology uses optical fibers to measure forces in real time, in difficult environments, and without the use of electronics. The technology provides an instant overview of equipment performance by measuring load, speed, temperature, and many more other parameters. This also creates new opportunities to open up and to control the closed-loop processes. It also allows engineers to proactively prevent problems before they lead to costly shutdowns. And, this can be unfavourable running conditions, misalignments, or wear-n-tears.

SKF's Fiber Optic Sensing Technology offers many advantages that make it right for real industrial conditions. The technology uses light instead of electronics intervention thus enabling safe measurement in hazardous environments. The absence of electronics means the sensors are safe in electromagnetic field. The fibers transmit light at the long distance ( in terms of kilometres) without any disturbance, where wireless technology cannot be used, and which enables remote monitoring.

Victoria Van Camp, CTO AB SKF comments,"The theme of this year's Hannover Messe is co-creation and innovation through a partnership with Sweden; and for SKF as a result of their collaboration with Swedish Co-Lab, Fiber Optic Sensing Technology exhibits what Swedish Industry excels at. We combined our specialized industrial knowledge with the digital expertise of our leading partners and customers. The result revealed the performance of certain parts of a machine - previously remained in shadows - by only using this power of light."

This technology has been exhibited at Hall 27, Stand H30 of Swedish Paviliion in the Hannover Messe from 1st to 5th April 2019.