LANXESS Presents New low monomer urethane prepolymers for adhesives and sealants
Cologne, Germany: Specialty Chemicals Company LANXESS presents new low monomer products for adhesives and sealants at UTECH Europe 2018. With its Adiprene LF products the Urethane Systems business unit brings unparalleled performance and industrial hygiene to cast elastomers, coatings, adhesives and sealants applications. The company is a leading innovator in the development of Low Free (LF) isocyanate technology, on which the products are based.

"The focus of our development work is to broaden the range of prepolymers with very low free isocyanate content," explains Dr.Markus Eckert, Head of Urethane Systems, "and to keep reducing the maximum amount of free isocy anate content."

The Adiprene LF product range has been extended to include grades with less than 0.1 percent free MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate) for adhesives and sealant applications. These new LF prepolymers offer three key benefits: Improved industrial hygiene, Excellent performance, Better processing and increased productivity.