Hikal sells its Bengaluru R&D Centre
Bengaluru, India: Hikal Ltd has announced that it has sold off its earlier R&D centre located at Bengaluru South in Karnataka. This piece of land was lying vacant and had no constant operations for close to two years after Hikal amalgamated its R&D operations at its main site in Pune in 2014 and had transferred all corresponding equipment & personnel to that site.

"The proceeds of the sale will be used towards the existing operations of the compan y," informed Hikal.

Hikal had assimilated the R&D and manufacturing site in Bengaluru in 2001, marking its entry into the pharmaceutical business. R&D centre in Pune, which became operational in 2009, provides process research for APIs & intermediates (involving multistep synthesis) and has helped the company in enhancing its pharmaceuticals & crop protection processes.