Haldor Topsoe Cements Presence in Indonesia
Topsoe has opened the office in Indonesia by officially opening an office in Jakarta to support Indonesian refining customers with state-of-theart technology and catalysts to meet new fuel specifications. While customers in the petrochemical industry have known and benefited from Topsoe catalysts, technological solutions, and highly specialized services for many years now, the new office will strengthen the relationship further. The fertilizer industry will benefit from Topsoe solutions that optimize energy consumption.

"We have been supporting Indonesian customers for more than four decades. We will now be able to provide them with even faster services tailored to their specific needs," says Jack H. Carstensen, Managing Director of Topsoe's office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Indonesia is an important and fast-growing market with numerous needs and opportunities that the new office will help to fulfill. "It is a crucial milestone in our further expansion in the region, a natural step with regards to the promising development of the Indonesian economy," says Morten Schaldemose, Executive Vice President, Refinery Business Unit, who was also present at the inauguration. There is an expected growth in ammonia to accommodate the need in the fertilizer industry, in methanol production as feedstock for the downstream petrochemical industry, and in DME as the alternative to LPG for household use. Indonesian customers will benefit from Topsoe's vast experience and capabilities within all these areas. With the upcoming transition of Indonesian fuel legislation into Euro V, refining customers can look forward to utilizing Topsoe technology and catalysts in both existing and new refineries to meet current and future fuel specifications with an optimal cost-benefit ratio. At the same time, the fertilizer industry will profit from Topsoe solutions to enhance plant efficiency and optimize energy consumption.

"We are well prepared to complement the current and future strive of Indonesian companies to enhance their production - and to grow locally and regionally," says Michael Gruss, Chief Representative of the new office in Jakarta. Next to the office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta is Topsoe's second representation in Southeast Asia.