"Opportunities in Market are linked to Package Solution including Services"

Mr Shekhar Jagtap
Managing Director

Please share your views on current market scenario?
Market situation has definitely improved in our business application segments. GF India has benefited with this developments.

What are the new products/services being offered by your company for the industry?
We offer value added services for our product offering and also customisation of water treatment plants. Our OEM customers have been benefited immensely due to this service.

New instruments and automation products are introduced in market and customers have received this innovation well.

Please share your views on the opportunities in the industry?
Opportunities in market are linked to package solution including services. Therefore, companies need to gear up with new needs from customer point of view and adapt to new environment.

What are your expectations in regards to development in the market?
The long term developments in areas such as Solar industry, Power generation and flue gas desulphurisation, Gas distribution, water distribution, High rise building are foreseen and expected to grow for next decade .

Future plans of the organisation?
We will expand organically as well as inorganically.