Evonik presents a new technology at the LOPEC trade Show
Essen, Germany: Evonik is unveiling 'Taettooz', a new material technology for printable batteries, at the LOPEC trade show. Taettooz has been developed on the basis of redox polymers by Creavis, the strategic innovation unit of Evonik.

The new materials are processed by conventional printing methods into very thin, flexible battery cells, thus giving the developer a high degree of design freedom. They allow electrical energy storage without the need for any metal or metal compound. Battery cells, produced with the Taettooz technology, do not require any liquid electrolytes and therefore cannot leak. Creavis is now seeking development partners to integrate this Taettooz technology into new and existing applications.

Dr. Michael Korell, responsible for Taettooz development at Evonik, mentioned: "We have developed a technology with enormous potential. It enables us to offer a solution to power small electronic circuits in an efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly way with printed batteries."

The Taettooz technology opens up new possibilities particularly in the spreading networking of everyday objects - the Internet of Things (IoT). It may be used in multiple areas with series production. Medical sensors for monitoring vital functions could be worn far more conveniently when printed batteries are used. In the area of logistics and more specifically in packaging, intelligent sensors - operated by printed batteries - could monitor sensitive goods such as food or vaccines.