Essel Propack Launc hes 'Project Liberty'
Mumbai, India: Essel Propack Ltd, an Indian Multi-national company in the business of manufacturing laminated plastic tubes, has announced Project "Liberty", a major step forward in its commitment to impro ve sustainability.

Project Liber ty is a first-of-its-kind and path breaking attempt to recycle multilayer laminates which consists aluminium in the structure, by separating aluminium and polymer into two distinct and reusable streams without the use of chemicals or heat.

In this effort Essel has collaborated with multiple major technical partners across the globe and co-developed a solid-state environmental friendly process to liberate aluminium from the laminate/tubes.

ABL poses challenges in recycling and the company has been working relentlessly over 4 years on developing a solution to separate the polymer and aluminium.]

With Project 'Liberty' the polymer fraction can be recovered from ABL tubes and the same can be recycled to various packaging applications. The recovered aluminium metal also shall be reused, making every single tube recyclable.