Epoxy Technology Expands the Product Basket
Epoxy Technology Inc a leading manufacturer of high-performance speciality adhesives for over 52 years, is pleased to announce an expanded range of ISO -10993 medically approved adhesives now totaling 23 products. To date, 14 epoxies have undergone ISO-10993-5 Cytotoxicity testing, an excellent screening test for biocompatibility, and 9 additional products have undergone even more screening, passing all ISO-10993 -4,5,6,10,11 testing. Included in testing for EPO-TEK MED-301 was an extended implantation test, from the normal 2 weeks to 12 weeks, which it passed. This specific optically clear epoxy adhesive is one of the most popular and well-proven materials often used for moulding header systems on many types of devices including pacemakers, ICDs and neurostimulators.

Joan Bramer, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Epoxy Technology Inc said 'We are committed to testing all of our MED adhesives to the industry's most comprehensive ISO-10993 biocompatibility standards and will continue to perform this level of testing, adding more adhesives to this important line of products in the coming year. We recognise the importance of this testing, as well as the critical quality assurance requirements needed in the medical device design and manufacturing community and are proud to be a trusted and leading supplier to them'. All Epoxy Technology MED datasheets are available online and contain information on specific applications, testing methodology , extensive product data, as well as sterilisation compatibility.