Covestro strengthens its global film production
Covestro intends to significantly expand its global film production to meet the growing demand in all regions. In par ticular, capacity expansions are planned at Map Ta Phut, Thailand, Guangzhou, China, South Deerfield, USA, and Dormagen, Germany. The total investment of more than 100 million euros also includes the expansion of the associated infrastructure and logistics. According to current planning, over 100 new jobs will be created worldwide for the operation of the new plants. The high-quality semi-finished products are used in the automotive, medical technology and security card industries, amongst others.

"With this capacity expansion, we are investing in promising technologies and applications," says Dr. Markus Steilemann, CEO of Covestro. "The innovative high-tech materials offer solutions for future challenges and deliver their contribution to making the world a brighter place." "We want to expand our global film production as quickly as possible to meet the growing demand in the regions," explains Michael Friede, global head of the Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties segment. "With modern and efficient production facilities, we want to offer our customers growth opportunities and strengthen them in their competitive environment."

One of the new production facilities is being built in Map Ta Phut in Thailand and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. It is based on modern co-extrusion technology. At the Guangzhou site in China, the focus will initially be on converting the existing co-extrusion line. The first new capacities are to be available there as early as mid-2019. In a second phase, capacity is also to be expanded there. In South Deerfield, Massachusetts, measures to increase efficiency and quality are already being implemented.

Covestro is also building new co-extrusion lines in Dormagen, which are scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2020. Only a year ago, the company commissioned a new production line there for high-quality, multilayer flat films, including infrastructure and logistics facilities. "With these expansions we create the conditions to meet customer requirements more flexibly and quickly. Our tailor-made products enable versatile applications in various industries," says Dr. Thorsten Dreier, global head of the Specialty Films business.