Coal India Gears Up for a Rs.10, 000 Crore Joint Venture for Chemicals Complex.
Coal India is all set for a Rs. 10,000 crore joint venture along with Rashtriya chemicals and fer tilizers, Gail India, and the FCIL (Fer tilizers Corporation of India), to setup a chemicals complex made up of urea and ammonium nitrate which will run on gasified coal.

There is a need to conduct a background study on the project for which Coal India has appointed Projects and Development of India (PDIC) to conduct a utility study. The plan will manufacture 3 lakh tonnes of urea annually for which 6 million tonnes of coal will be used from coalfields of Talcher in Odisha and 300-400 tonnes of ammonium nitr ate will be produced per day.

The principal ingredient for making explosives that are used for blasting material at coal mines is Ammonium Nitrate which is facing a lot of supply crunch. Hence, the suppliers often increase the pr ice which results in higher cost to company.