Ashland celebrates 40 years of methylcellulose production at Doel, Belgium
Ashland is celebrating 40 years of production at its Doel plant, the only Ashland facility exclusively devoted to the production of methylcellulose, a key ingredient in a wide array of products ranging from construction dry mixes (cement and gypsum based), emulsion paints, advanced ceramics to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics. You will even find it in many shampoos and shower gel products, as it boosts foaming properties, making for increased and stronger foam at bath time. Since initiating production in 1978, the facility has churned out an estimated 1 million metric tons of methylcellulose, a versatile ingredient found in thousands of industrial and consumer end market applications. Each year the majority of what is produced at Doel goes toward creating 10 million metric tons of dry mortar. That's the equivalent of a convoy of trucks loaded with 25 metric tons each, queueing up bumper to bumper for 8,000 kilometers.

"I'm very proud of all that our diverse family of employees and plant have achieved over the years," said Erik Vanhove, site manager. "We are always working to deliver on Ashland's brand promise of 'always solving' for our customers, and I’m excited to see what the future brings." The plant recently completed building a steam network that takes steam generated from a nearby waste processing plant to the Ashland facility. Ashland will use the recycled steam to heat its five reactors to support production at the site. The steam network is expected to yield emission savings of 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the energy savings of 50 wind turbines .