Arkema highlights 3D printed innovative industrial applications at AMUG 2019
Colombes: "Arkema is focused on unlocking the next revolution of industrial opportunities by bringing full solutions and expertise to end users", said Guillaume de Crevoisier - Global Business Director of 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema, "AMUG has always been a great venue for us to discuss new product-applications and to forge new partnerships." The AMUG Agenda features Arkema during two sessions on 3rd April 2019, viz., 'Top Material Companies Driving Innovation in the 3D Printing Market' and 'Material Specific Solutions for Transportation, Sports , and Dental Applications'. Arkema also narrated the below concepts at AMUG :

Powder Bed Fusion: They displayed parts and highlighted "real world" production part case studies from its powder bed fusion partners. Rilsan Polyamide 11 powders are the only high performance materials available from a completely bio-based origin and they offer some of the strongest mechanical properties of all polyamide powders.

For the most demanding applications, parts made with Kepstan PEKK powders offer robust mechanical performance, extreme high temperature tolerance, low outgazing, low flammability, gamma stability, and extremely high chemical resistance. There will be several parts printed by Hexcel, a world leader in advanced composites for aeronautics, space and defense, using their formulation based on Kepstan and PEKK.

Photocure: Arkema's Sartomer Division introduced eight new products from its N3xtdimension line of UV-curable engineered liquid resins. New launches include N3D-I200 for impact resistance, N3D-F2110 for flexibility, N3D-P2120 for high quality prototyping, N3D-C1700 for casting applications, and other unique resins for advanced performance. Sartomer's N3xtdimension resins offer customized properties and freedom of design. They are compatible with the main printing technologies - SLA, DLP, MJP, and BJ.

Extrusion Printing: Arkema's partner - 3DXTech - will launch a filament made from Pebax elastomer. 3DXFlex TPE is the first commercially available Pebax TPE based filament developed for extrusion printing. This lightweight elastomer is world renowned in sports markets for its outstanding energy return. Printed parts exhibit excellent layer to layer adhesion resulting in exceptionally strong parts. Also on display will be 3DX Tech's FluorX filament made from Arkema's Kynar PVDF. FluorX filaments are made from a patented formulation launched in Yr. 2018 that now has a print profile available on Ultimaker's Cura marketplace.

Kepstan PEKK is quickly becoming the preferred ultra-high performance polymer for extrusion printing systems. As mentioned previously, this material offers an excellent combination of processability, strength, chemical resistance, low flammability, and high temperature properties. Filaments made from Kepstan PEKK are available from several partners globally. There will be a live demonstration of large scale extrusion printing with Kepstan PEKK in partnership with Titan Robotics on Sunday, March 31, 2019.

Arkema has recently expanded its capacity for Kepstan PEKK materials with a new plant at its site near Mobile (AL - US). This new facility ensures a consistent supply to serve the growing needs of markets requiring materials that perform under extreme conditions, such as aerospace, oil and gas, consumer electronics, automotive, and additive manufacturing. Arkema is also expanding its capacity for N3xtdimension resins at its Nansha plant in China , and Orgasol Polyamide12 powder in Mont, France, to come on stream in Yr 2019. 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema is unlocking the next revolution in manufacturing.