Roto Pumps: Strengthening Research and Development
Anurag Gupta,Deputy Managing Director, Roto Pumps Limited

Entering into US market has proven to be a crucial growth driver for Roto Pumps, says Anurag Gupta, Deputy Managing Director, Roto Pumps Limited.

Please elaborate on the performance of Roto Pumps. What are the key growth drivers for the company in India?
Roto has steadily been growing at 25-30 per cent YOY with 55-60 percent being contributed from exports. Roto has its marketing base in import substitution. It was always clear in Roto that exports will play a very dominant role in the growth of business as markets outside India are very large.

Technology, quality and dedicated infrastructure in a few key markets in terms of availability of stock locally and experienced manpower have been the main reasons for the spread of business. Company s significant entry into Oil and Gas, Marine sectors, Mining and Minerals and its entry into the US market are the key growth drivers for the company. Waste water treatment both Industrial and Municipal contribute the most.

Roto enjoys the position of leadership for its main product line. ie, Progressive Cavity Pumps in India. Globally it ranks amongst the leading suppliers of PCP with its position gaining strength YOY. We are expecting to grow in excess 25 percent in year 2012-2013. Exports will continue to dominate the business revenues.

How do you evolve R & D process to meet varied requirements of different industries?
The company has always been innovative and flexible to a certain degree in product engineering to keep pace with the changing requirements. For example - Need for bigger and bigger pumps is there in many industries. Today Roto is in amongst the very few PCP manufacturers who have pumps to deliver capacity as high as 400m3/hr.

R & D function is very market oriented as is the case for the whole company. R & D is working closely with Marketing to bring out new products and features. The company is currently creating a dedicated facility for R & D involving state of the art pump testing infrastructure; tool room and prototype pump development apart from team enhancement and software infrastructure. The facility will come into full swing in 2013. We are still looking for some collaboration as part of its organic & in-organic growth .

What are the most important trends in pumps technology? How has the positive displacement pump technology revolutionsed the time?
Energy saving remains one of the key trends in pumps technology. PD pump technology has drastically improved efficiencies and reduced energy requirements. Apart from this it has made certain applications highly mechanized or possible such as Concrete Pumping and Oil Pumping and Drilling including subsea application.

Please comment on your entry into Shipping and Marine sector ?
Shipping and marine is a 'Sunrise' industry for Roto with its focus being there manly in the last five years. It is a highly restricted industry because of approved makes etc. Roto strategically decided to penetrate the industry with its focus on Indian shipping and Marine industry. It started pursuing business for PD Pump packages in the Indian shipyard and simultaneously also tried to pursue Indian owners for their new ship builds. Also focus towards large marine OEM market for PD Pumps Globally.

Roto plans to increase its market share in the developed markets by improving service levels and market support activities. What are the initiatives taken in this direction by the organisation?
We have created new facilities in markets such as US and Germany in terms of warehouse and marketing infrastructure, and strengthened our channel partners by imparting training on products, applications and stronger relationships. Further with participation in major trade fairs in India and overseas has helped us generate brand recognition and gaining customer confidence.

What are your plans for future? Where does the company aim to position itself in the next decade?
Roto plans to position itself as a leading manufacturer of PD Pumps globally and to establish itself amongst the top five manufacturers of PC Pumps in the world.
We will focus on complete fluid handling solutions or systems where in pumps would be an important part of the system.