Akzonobel sheds light on "paint that paints itself"
Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Do you see Dry-Paints get interesting these days? That's because, Akzonobel is into the development of a hi-tech coating that paints the surfaces on its own by harnessing solar energy. Once a small amount is applied manually, the paint spreads over the chosen surface on its own with a photosynthesis-like process, which converts solar-energy into chemical energy. The secret lies in the lightloving nanotechnology embedded in the pigments, which act like invisible paint brush. This procedural on-and-off is to be controlled by the usage of a special 'Containing Tape' which marks the area, designated for painting.

This highly innovative quoting technology is still at the germination stage in Company's labs and are meant for hard-to-reach external parts of the buildings and structures, thus making maintenance safer and easier.

"We've taken a leaf out of the nature's book by using renewable energy to empower our paint", explains Akzonobel Scientist and Project Lead-- Opal Lofri, "Our innovation embraces all areas of product development including application. Here we have adopted nature's methodology to make it super -special. You may say, our paint grows on you!"

Expected to become a shining example of innovation at Akzonobel, this Synthesystem technology depends on various factors - such as the intensity of the daylight, the size of the area to be coated, etc.

"There's still some way to go to perfect this formula; but the initial trials have been promising", adds Lofri, "It all grew from the seed and now it seems anything is possible. Who knows how far we can go?"