Vacuum Pump Reinforces Reliability, Performance, and Consumption Efficiency
Shruti Tawte
Vacuum Drying Technology India LLP
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Vacuum pumps play a very crucial role in Chemical Processing industry. Italvacuum is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum pumps with worldwide reference point. The article enumerates how Italvacuum's Saurus939 solution empowered with LubriZero system makes a marked difference in the league.

Chemical reactions are widely used in synthesizing compounds, where vacuum is required to avoid high temperatures, and to remove oxygen & secondary products. Reactions normally take place at temperatures around 10/20 mbara. Vacuum reactors generally have a volume between 1 m3 and 10 m3. For these applications, it is recomended to use a vacuum pump with a nominal output between 80 to 380 m3/h. Due to its resistance to corrosive solvents and reliability in the most demanding work environments, we recommend Saurus939 as a solution.

Being the core business of Italvacuum and one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum pumps, Saurus939 guarantees unrivalled performance in all the main chemical and pharmaceutical processes, thus ensuring total recovery of extracted solvents, even in severe operating conditions. It is a simply designed machine that combines traditional robustness and reliability with the most evolved technology. Thanks to the innovative LubriZero system that guarantees perfect operation and optimum results with total respect for the environment, oil consumption has been virtually eliminated.

Saurus939 remains unaffected by aggressive and corrosive solvents, powders and condensates, as well as distillation by-products. It is designed and manufactured to work 24 hours a day with a sustained excellent performance and minimum operating costs, thanks to its low-energy motor, negligible oil consumption, and easy immediate maintenance. The solution guarantees optimum safety through the whole process and complete purity of the final product. In other words, it ensures an uncontaminated vacuum.

Applications: The Saurus939 vacuum pump has a wide range of usage, as it can be used in the following sectors in drying, reaction, distillation, crystallization, filtration, evaporation, and polymerization processes:
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Oil & gas
  • Plastic & rubber
  • Bio-science
  • Waste management
Features: It is designed for roundthe-clock usage. The design is simple and traditional. On top of all, the greatest value addition is Italvacuum's consolidated experience that has perfected, innovated, and improved the Saurus939 vacuum pump, thus guaranteeing optimum operation in all chemical and pharmaceutical processes such as drying, distillation, reaction, and crystallization.

Saurus939 can intake both the vapours of common solvents (viz methyl alcohol, ethylic alcohol, chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate, methyl chloride, benzene, toluene, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl ether, heptane) as well as those of more aggressive solvents (viz hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, chlorobenzene, dimethylformamide, acrylonitrile, dichloroethane, cyclohexane, pyridine, dimethyl sulfoxide, dichloromethane).

A new level of robustness in construction:
Cylinder, pistons, piston rings, and head are made of special anti-acid cast iron. The other components are made of cast iron, special steel, and PTFE with special charges. The pump is completely sealed: a characteristic that makes it extremely reliable and efficient for a long time, even in damp and dusty environments. The discharge valves have automatic openings and are available in different materials, including hastelloy.

Saurus939 has two completely separate, independent lubrication circuits:
  • one circuit for the process part, with metered injection of fresh oil , thanks to the LubriZero system
  • one circuit for the mechanical part with re-circulated oil.
LubriZero system - an injection of value, with negligible consumption :
Saurus939 is equipped with the exclusive LubriZero system that ensures best possible performance with truly negligible oil consumption, completely compatible with the environment.

The LubriZero system combines the metered injection of oil with a kit of new materials in PTFE with special charges that are not only resistant to corrosion, but require virtually no lubrication. This also allows for the use of synthetic FDA approved oils.

The metered flow of a few drops of fresh oil (about 10 g/h) guarantees an effective barrier from even the most aggressive solvents, considerably increasing the duration of the perfect cylinder-piston coupling and hence the working life of the vacuum pump.

Uncontaminated vacuum
Saurus939 guarantees the purity for the final product. It is powerful, resistant, efficient, and completely safe. It ensures maximum safety throughout the whole process to impart purity to the final product. In other words, it guarantees uncontaminated vacuum. In fact, during the entire work cycle, not even one molecule of oil reaches to the processed product. This is certified by the Department of Material Science and Chemical Engineering at the Politecnico of Torino, as part of specific research carried out on a complete process of vacuum drying. The result has revealed that the final product is absolutely pure with no risk of oil contamination in the process.

Best results
Ensuring and maintaining better quality is never an expense; instead it's an investment. And that investment is always rewarded with good results. Over time, the Saurus939 vacuum pump has achieved more. It lasts longer and has lower running costs with respect to other main technologies for vacuum systems. The use of oil not only avoids any contamination in the process, but also improves performance and increases pump life, thus reducing the maintenance costs, even in the presence of very aggressive solvents. The choice of materials, technology employed, and the appropriate solutions taken by Italvacuum in every design detail make Saurus939 the best in the sector with reliability and results beyond comparison.

Saurus939 range includes single stage and double stage models. Its double stage models are also available with one or two compressor roots in order to increase the pump rotation speed and to reach lower final pressures at high vacuum levels.

A winning choice for complete installations The high quality of Saurus939, not only in the unquestionable reliability of the vacuum pump, but also the wide range of accessories, allows for turn-key installation of the entire vacuum group:

1. Atmospheric post-condenser for the recovery of solvents from the pump outlet
2. Condensate recovery tank from the postcondenser outlet
3. Pump suction filter with particle centrifuge separation and metal filtering cartridge
4. Control panel board, also available in compliance with ATEX DIRECTIVE 94/9/EC
5. Support base for easy, fast installation.

Excellence is a recognized value Saurus939 complies with the requirements of the most demanding European Directives:
  • Machinery directive 2006/42/EC
  • Electromagnetic compatibility directive 2004/108/EC
  • Atex directive 94/9/EC
The standard version, CE εx II 2G T4/T3, is suitable for installation in an area classified as ZONE 1-GAS and temperature class T4(135oC).

The Saurus939 special version can be supplied with ATEX certification up to ZONE 0-GAS (internal pump), ZONE 1-GAS(external pump) with three different classes of temperature T4/T150oC/T3.