Dow Polyurethanes to Raise Manufacturing Capacity By 50 per cent in India
Mumbai, India: Dow Polyurethanes (PU) business has announced that it will expand its manufacturing base in India with 50 percent rise in the production capacity of its PU system house at Lote Parashuram (Ratnagiri, Maharashtra). With consumer durables, infrastructure and automotive segments in India experiencing a strong growth in demand, the market for inputs materials, such as polyurethanes, is expanding at an unmatched rate. By expanding its manufacturing capacity, Dow is targeting to corner larger share of PU market pie in the country.

In addition to capacity expansion, Dow is also capitalizing in new technology centre in Mumbai to fast-track innovation and collaboration with its customers in the region. Speaking about the developments, Ananth Muthupandian, business leader, Dow PU India, said, "Dow Polyurethanes is launching a new strategy called Vision 2020. It's a vision that resonates around one key theme: enabling customer success. A direct result of this is that Dow Polyurethanes increases its presence in India. From the latest strategic developments, it is clear that we are increasing our capabilities and resources to better serve our customers, starting with adding production volumes to portfolio dedicated to our Indian customers. However, a bright future requires more than just extra volumes. It is clear that with the ever increasing sustainability requirements and consumer demands, long term success will only be possible when offering smarter solutions."

Dow Polyurethanes develops and delivers a broad portfolio of performance products and tailor-made solutions to customers in a variety of industries, and applications ranging from energy-efficient residential and commercial construction, industrial solutions, infrastructure repair, to consumer comfort solutions in flooring, furniture, and footwear. The business provides key ingredients, fullyformulated systems and solutions for rigid, semi-rigid and flexible foams, adhesives, sealants, coatings, elastomers and binders.