Clariant to Reinforce its Presence in Indian Home & Personal Care Sector
Mumbai, India: Clariant has announced that it is consolidating its position in Indian home & personal care (HPC) market by concentrating on innovative ingredients intended at providing solutions for unmet needs in this market.

"Clariant blooms on the capability to identify new customer needs at an early stage and develop innovative solutions. This stout portfolio of formulation inspirations, across numerous market segments of the home & personal care industry is our pledge towards enhancing overall consumer experience," said R. Kumaresan, Head - Industrial & Consumer Specialties (India), Clariant. With its extensive range of components, Clariant aims to support formulators, specifically home-grown brands in India, to advance innovative home & personal care products.

The company has also presented the portfolio of naturally-sourced products from BioSpectrum and Beraca, which have formed strategic alliances with Clariant. While Clariant acquired 30 per cent stake in Beraca in 2015, Swiss firm had bought 17 per cent stake in BioSpectrum in 2016.

A common trend towards greater natural and sustainable ingredients is gradually influencing purchase decisions in the cosmetics sector globally; this is translating into India as well. Equivalent to the trend in foodstuffs, the market for organic and natural cosmetics has transmuted from a niche segment to a flourishing segment in recent years.

And it is this prospect that Clariant aims to tap into with its natural ingredients, offered by Beraca and BioSpectrum. "Clariant's sustainable and innovative beauty ingredients and trend insights will create a positive impact on people's lives through influencing the beauty products of tomorrow," said Nicolas Lasbistes, Global Technical Mar keting Manager – P ersonal Care, ICS, Clar iant.